Used Aida Presses for Sale

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Used Aida Presses for Sale • Reconditioned Aida Presses

Aida Global Press CompanyThe Aida press company (otherwise known as AIDA-Global is as mechanical press manufacturer of high end stamping presses and automation. For a quality press at a affordable price, this worldwide press supplier is one of the best in the business. Our inventory of used Aida presses is second to none as each and every Aida press that we feature is in stock on our floor. We even let our customers test run our second hand Aida presses before they sign off on the turn key press solution for their manufacturing needs.

Some of the more popular model of Aida presses are the

  • 88 Ton (C1-80)
  • 121 Ton (NC1-110)
  • 220 Ton (NC2-200)
  • 330 Ton presses (PMX-L2-300)