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What is a Mechanical Press and What does it Do?

While we refer to these types of presses as mechanical, the important thing to remember is that we use air clutch and brakes rather than a mechanical brake. This is imperative when discussing mechanical press safety and proper maintenance. The basic concept of a mechanical press uses mechanical physics with a motor, gears and backshaft to maximize energy and force to deliver tonnage. Typically the bigger the machine and the bigger the motor the more tonnage you will get out of your mechanical press.

What is a Servo-Press?

Servo-Presses are a specific type of mechanical press that are controlled by an automatic device or encoder to get better feedback on errors and precision on a mechanical press. Servo-presses are typically more efficient with energy and scaling tonnage for specific jobs. This can help save money in the long run as the savings in electricity add up and the preventative wear on the mechanical press is limited and monitored.