Used High Speed Mechanical Presses

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High Speed Mechanical Presses for Sale / Fast Stamping Presses

Increasing speed while maintaining precision is a goal most manufacturers agree with. Finding a quality high speed stamping press can help obtain these production goals. Higher output on a press saves floor space, time and money.

What Makes a Stamping Press Fast?

Faster presses start with a streamline design. Direct connections from the electric motor to the flywheel is called a flywheel design. This type of design has helped press manufacturers increase speed on presses. Ensuring the press structure and design is reinforced and tested is critical to the performance of a high speed press. If the press is too fast for the tonnage that it can handle the ram will have too much discrepancy and inconsistency. We stock used high speed presses that have the structural integrity manufacturers are looking for.

Can I increase the Speed of a Stamping Press?

Yes it is possible to increase the speed of a press. However, it is not recommended. Press manufacturers design presses with specific limitations to ensure safety and accuracy. If the general design has been compromised then the safety of the operator and the accuracy of the part will be compromised. It really is that simple. On the other hand, if you are careful in the way that you update the press you can increase the speed just enough not to jeopardize the integrity of the specifications. Putting a larger motor on a press or changing the belt or bullgear sizes are a few ways to increase the speed of a stamping press.

Found 19 Machines for Sale • In Stock & On Our Floor