Used Straight Side Presses for Sale

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Straight Side Presses for Sale

What is a Straight Side Press?

One of the most impressive inventions in the press industry is the straight side press. Right away you will notice on a straight side press the wide bed areas and the reinforced structure. Wider bed areas allow manufacturers to build longer dies that don’t fit in most traditional press designs. Having a wider bed area has also allowed toolmakers to develop highly complex progressive dies for these machines.

What is a Progressive Die?

A progressive die is a transitional tool that is able to stamp a flat strip of metal or raw material in to a complicated 3 dimensional part that conforms to very specific specifications. In essence, it is stamping one step at a time. Sometimes, the press may stroke 25 times before the part is finished. The progressive die is often designed to cut off scrap material at the end of the progressive die to further automate the stamping process.

Reinforced Press Design

Most of what makes a used straight side press so valuable is the fact that the general structure of the press is reinforced. Strengthening the frame of the press allows the machine to operate at higher tonnage and at faster speeds while minimizing downtime and structural wear. One of the most prevalent designs that we find in used straight side presses are four tie rods at each corner of the rectangular press design. Using a torque motor to drive the tie rods down helps hold all of the parts of the press together.

Press Automation and Improving Stamping Operations

Straight side presses were one of the first steps towards improving the automation of stamping presses. Today they are still one of the major players with high production automation manufacturing and stamping. Most straight side presses have windows on the sides of the press to allow a roller feed, air feed or servo feeder to load the material to be pressed. When paired with a metal handling system these machines are capable of very high outputs with only 1 employee doing proper maintenance on the machine. Give us a call today to learn more about how to automate presses with a straight side press. We are happy to help.

Found 48 Machines for Sale • In Stock & On Our Floor