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If you or your company is in the market for a hydraulic press it is important to find the right type of hydraulic press that best fits your application needs. Determining the stroke length, bed area and daylight are the basics but there are many other factors that will help determine the right type of hydraulic press for the job. The stroke of a hydraulic press is the total length that the press ram (or cylinder) will travel. This is important to keep in mind with the design of your tooling or the shape of your part. Bed size is determined by how large of a die or a part can fit onto the bolster plate or bed area of a press. Keep in mind that with a 4-post press you must be able to get your part or die in between the posts of the press. Finally daylight will be the total opening of the work space the press will allow. You need a large enough daylight to be able to get your part or die into but a small enough daylight to be able to come to a desired close height. It is possible to minimize the daylight of a press by installing risers or extra bolster plates into the press and shorten the daylight.

There are a few other factors that will help with your decision on which hydraulic press to use for your application such as the overall dimensions of the press (will it fit on your floor, does it need a pit, can I get it through the doorway of my building). Speed and dwell time is also an important factor when deciding on hydraulic presses. Some applications require slower speeds and some companies want to increase production with faster speeds.

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Should I use a Hydraulic Press or Mechanical Press?

Generally hydraulic presses are a bit slower than mechanical presses but they do tend to be a bit more universal in their applications. There can also be differences in maintenance as a hydraulic press doesn’t have as many moving parts as a mechanical press and in some ways can be easier to repair and keep up with general maintenance. If you have more questions please give us a call and we can help you decide which type of press is right for you.