Welding Positioners

Found 10 Machines for Sale • In Stock & On Our Floor

Found 10 Machines for Sale • In Stock & On Our Floor

Used Welding Positioners for Sale

High quality industrial welding positioners for sale and for rent in Jackson, Michigan. Fabrication welding and other fabrication machinery is vital for efficient accurate work. We are also in the market to buy older welding positioners or take them in trade for credit. We stock most major brands of welding equipment like Ransome, Pandjiris, Koike Aronson, Jetline and many others.

What is a Weld Positioner?

Welding positioners (or weld positioners) are a machine that rotates around 360° so that a welder can stay in one position and always work on a level surface. It helps improve the accuracy of the welder even when working on oddly shaped parts or materials.

The welding positioner grips onto a pipe joint or a valve so that it can be rotated to the right position for the welder. This way the worker can weld a joint on a flat position without having to break up the process. This also keeps the weld puddle in joint instead of having to move the welding torch in an awkward angle. As you may assume, a welding positioner would then increase the welding deposition rate and reduce the rejection rates due to the better accessibility.