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Large bed areas, longer stroke lengths and high tonnage capacity are all benefits of a used hydraulic press. With controlled feedback systems, the ram is proportionally controlled to fit your stamping dies with just about any type of job. Compression molding is done on used hydraulic presses with the use of heated platens and cooling techniques. The most popular used hydraulic press is the 4-post downstroke type or a hydraulic gap frame type as they are efficient for the type of job they are required of. Since 1948, Alma Machinery has been helping people in all types of industries with their used hydraulic press needs. Give us a call and we can help you sort through our extensive inventory of used hydraulic press types for sale.

Hydraulic Press Types • Find a Used Hydraulic Press for Sale

4-Post Hydraulic PressGap Frame / C FrameCompression Molding PressGib Guided Used Hydraulic Press