Bronze Walking Cane • Orthopedic Handle “Easy-Up” • American Made



CareBorne Lumex Easy-Up Handle, New in Box

Machine #18
(Ann Arbor, MI)
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Machine Specifications

New High Quality Bronze Cane

Model CareBorne Lumex Walking Cane (1965)
Design Ergonomic Comfort
Condition: New
Contact: Ann Arbor, MI

DESIGN This bronze cane was designed as the perfect walking cane for men and women of all ages looking for a quality built product. Acts as a unisex cane design.
EASY-UP HANDLE The Stand-Up handle folds in and out to allow the use of two hands when standing up from a sitting position. By angling the handle, there is less pressure on hands and wrists decreasing fatigue.
ERGONOMIC COMFORT This walking cane has the exclusive Ortho-Ease ergonomic handle that is made for both left handed and right handed people.
AMERICAN MADE Made form lightweight aluminum with shaft lock holes to make it an adjustable walking cane.
NO SLIP CANE Features a 1.5″ wide rubber tip at the bottom of the cane as well as ten different heights with finger buttons in 1″ increments. The cane also locks into place with a twist feature.
Location This Cane is located in our Ann Arbor, MI Facility