Mechanical Presses for Sale

Alma Machinery’s inventory of used mechanical presses for sale is always changing. We pride ourselves on the wide range of mechanical press types we have in stock. Furthermore, Alma Machinery only sells air clutch mechanical presses to help meet OSHA safety standards. If interested in a mechanical press, on site inspections are available to see the mechanical press under power.

American, European & Asian Used Mechanical Presses For Sale

What is a Mechanical Press?

A mechanical press can help improve the accuracy and production volume for a manufacturing process. When mechanical presses are maintained and operated properly they can be one of the most reliable machines available. The basic concept of a mechanical press uses mechanical physics with a motor, gears and back-shaft to maximize energy and force. This force then delivers tonnage to a tooling or die setup. Typically the bigger the mechanical press is, the more output tonnage the press will have.

What is a Servo-Press? Servo Mechanical Presses for Sale

While we do not have many servo mechanical presses for sale, they are a newer technology that is consistently improving. Servo-Presses are a specific type of mechanical press that are controlled by an automatic device or encoder to get better feedback on errors and precision on a mechanical press. Servo-presses are typically more efficient with energy and scaling tonnage for specific jobs. This can help save money in the long run as the savings in electricity add up and the preventative wear on the mechanical press is limited and monitored. Keep in mind that a servo press motor is an integral part and often the most expensive replacement of mechanical presses for sale.